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Python Adventure for Kids

Python Adventure - Zero to Hero



This program is designed for young kids 9 to 14 years old who completed the Basic of Python-1.This program will take learners on an extensive Python Journey. Python is one of the fastest-growing and most-used programming languages in the world. With applications in video games, web development, machine learning, robotics, artificial intelligence, and more!

Continuing on what the kids have learned in the basics of Python-1, they will learn some basics of Data Structure such as list, tuple and dictionary. From there, we will move on to GUI programming, where coders will learn how to make real-world functional applications with buttons, text boxes, images, and much more. Then, we dive into Machine Learning, where students will learn how to write programs recognizing images, faces, hand movements, and even voice commands. Lastly, we will try to combine all their python skills to create full video games with various characters, levels, and complexities. 

This program will be split into five sections:

  1. ZERO: Basics of Python-1
  2. NOVICE: Data Structures-2
  3. INTERMEDIATE: GUI Programming
  4. INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED: Functional GUI Programming
  5. ADVANCED: Machine Learning

After each section, there will be class-guided projects to assess the class's progress. At this point, each student will be given feedback and accomplishments on their accounts for parents to track progress.

This program is the go-to coding challenge for your children to begin their journey with Python. It will not only prepare them for the fast-changing future ahead of us, but it will also spark a love for technology and coding. Not only will they learn a lot about Python, but through group activities and presentations, students will have opportunities to grow as human beings. In addition, the interpersonal skills they will gain will make them well-rounded users and innovators of technology... skills they will need to succeed in the future!

Kids need to bring their own laptop to the in-person classes.

Who can register for this Program?

  • This is a program for coding with Python
  • Any child 9+ with experience in coding with blocks or any other programming language such as Python can register in this course.

How is the payment processed?

Payments will be auto-re-newed on the first of every month, depending on the number of classes. Using the month of January as an example, you will be charged $112 on January 1st, for the entirety of January 2022 because there are four classes in January ($28/per class).

There is a onetime $50 registration fee will be added to the first payment


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   (416) 992-3281      3195 Erindale Station Rd #204 | Mississauga